Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Utah Weekend

Last weekend we headed to Utah for Grandma Frank's funeral. All went well and everything was beautiful. I think the most touching part of the service was Grandpa's medley of hymns on his harmonica. The way he played was absolutely sweet and heartfelt. And the songs he picked...just brought me to tears. I think the last song he played was "God Be With You 'Til We Meet Again." I can't even describe the way his face looked as he was looking at all of us while he played. Almost as if he was saying to us "Everything's going to be ok." And it made me cry also realizing that this was probably the first time he was playing without his sweet Ruth by his side. Darrin's number on the violin was also wonderful. He played "Ave Maria." I missed his violin playing so much while he was on his mission. Overall, it was nice to see all the family and see Grandma one last time. Kristie did an amazing job on her first trip as well. It reassured me that she'll probably do fine when we going on the camping trip with J's family next week. She actually slept better than she's ever slept, which was a pleasant surprise!

Pallbearers - Darrin & Dustin are in the front on the left side.

My Aunt Genet (Mom's sister) meeting Kristie for the first time! It was so great to see her! (Kristie was pretty uncomfortable...it was super hot outside.)

Darrin and girlfriend Anna! So cute.

Kristie at Mom's gravesite for the first time.

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Char said...

Candace that is so sweet that your grandma is right next to your mom. I am not gonna lie, I totally teared up when I looked at the picture of Kristie next to your moms grave. I bet your mom feels so honored. I love you guys!