Wednesday, August 27, 2008

We have ourselves a roller!

Kristie rolled over for the first time today!! She's been leaning to that side whenever she's on her tummy, and finally today she kept going! I like screamed when she did it, I was so surprised. And it was so the middle of doing it each time, she'd get whiney and have this terrified look on her face. Holy cow, stop growing up so fast please!!!

Here's a video of one of the times. She was going faster than this, but I guess she decided to be dramatic for the video. Haha.


Pilgrim Family said...

She is such a doll! just wait, in no time she'll be walking. it is crazy how fast they grow. but it just keeps getting better and better as they do!

Conger's said...

She is getting so big! Where did the time go?!? That would be so much fun to get together! We are going out of town this coming week but we should for sure do it after that!

Callie, Shawn and Braxton said...

Candace, you're a mommy!! to a very cute little girl, too. Congrats. I didn't even know you were expecting until just after you took maternity leave and I went to melaleuca for some odd reason. E-mail at and leave your address and I'll add you to my blog. So fun to see you and your cute family. I got your blog site off of Heathers. Take care. Hope all is well.