Wednesday, September 3, 2008

New things

Thanks Auntie Kali for my cookie shirt!!

In the adorable little romper I got on eBay!

Cute ears & funny hair.

First coat! We think she looks so grown up.

Trying the johnny jump up today! Still a little small for it, but she loved it.

Oh so cute.


Emily said...

Candace, is that an actual hairband or are you simply tying a ribbon in a bow around her little head? Either way, it's absolutely adorable. And if it is simply a ribbon, that's brilliant resourcefulness given what a place like Babies R Us could charge for it.

Candace, Jason & Kristie Duce said...

Just a ribbon! Fun huh? Doesn't stay in one place super well, but still cute. =)

Ryan and Cecily said...

Kristie's eyes are so pretty! I love her eyes. Her little tongue is also so cute!

byers babes said...

Could this baby BE any cuter? I double dare you to try to take a cuter pic than the ones you've already posted. :)

Benson Family said...

What a pretty girl! I love the little smile in the cookie picture!

Kali said...

YAY I love the smart cookie shirt on her :) She has the funniest smile in that pic, too... like she's saying, "yep, I'm awesome, I know it!" Haha.