Friday, September 5, 2008

Eastern Idaho State Fair

What an insanely fun day! We headed over to Blackfoot, ID for the fair with Andy & Kela Smith and their daughter Aislyn. We did just about everything! Pet the animals, did remote control car racing, ate lots of delicious fair food (including an elephant ear and a sliced caramel apple) heard the Poison concert (we didn't realize how many of their songs we actually knew!) walked through fancy RV's for sale, and played fair games and won two little stuffed animals for Kristie. We were there for about 7 hours! Kristie and Aislyn did awesome and had tons of fun at their first fair!
And happy 3 months today Kristie!!! She can hold her head up, roll over, vigorously suck her fist and anything you put in front of her mouth, smile, babble and "talk", grab at toys and hold some of them, focus on objects and is even trying to laugh! (Cutest thing ever.) My how much you have grown!!

Kristie's first animal!
It was so fun to see her actually looking at them!

They had dozens and dozens of puppies for sale! I got to hold this little guy. He was like shaking uncontrollably! He was sooooo sweet.

Wooo, what a diva!

Rockin' the sunglasses. =)

Jason and Andy racing cars!

Our turn!

Kela and I with the hoodie girls.

Me with a gigantic cow! Can't really tell from this angle, but wow...I had never seen one that huge.

This horse was also gigantic! (Can't totally tell from the pic though...)

Checkin' out the most amazing sewing machine I've ever seen. (Touch screen and everything!)

Passed out in the stroller...even amongst all the noise!

Aw, the fair...

The Smiths

Ready to go home with their prizes!

What a day!


Laura said...

Awwwwwwww, that looked like so much fun! I love that you guys are going places and doing things! That's so great.

P.S. If you go again, you can win ME a cute stuffed animal! :)

Benson Family said...

What a great day! We went to the EISF last summer, I remember how huge the animals were! Kristie is already 3 months old!!! That just kills me! They grow up soooooo fast!