Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Park, Pretty Dress & Piano

Today we went to the park with Trina & her daughter Melanie! It's so nice to get out and have some girl time. We did some laps around the park while chatting and eating licorice. =) Afterwards Kristie tried a real swing for the first time! Melanie fell asleep, otherwise we were going to put them both in, back to back! Next time, for sure.

Time to get out!

Kristie & Melanie

Checkin' out the computer with Daddy.

In her cute dress for church. (And makin' a weird face.)

Starting her early! =)

Daddy showing her to play piano. (She always has such wide eyes when doing something new! haha.)

She was actually hitting more notes before I took this, which is why we were laughing so hard. Too cute though!

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DallinFrank said...

The swing reminds me of that episode of FRIENDS when Rachel was terrified of swings because of her incident as a child. HAHA!