Sunday, August 10, 2008

Some Cute Pics

Finally lifting her head up! She only does it for a minute or two, then gets lazy and just sucks her fist.

She likes her Bumbo!! She leans to the left so we stuck her lovey in there to hold her up.

This is Kristie sleeping in our bed this morning with Jason while I was getting ready for church. Aww! It takes a lot more effort to get her to go back to sleep after her 6am sometimes she'll just sleep with us for an hour or two. =)

Smile girl.

"Mommy's lil' cupcake"


Kali said...

Ok, what is a bumbo? Is it like... a chair?
She looks so much older in these pics. Make her stop growing!!!

Benson Family said...

I am seeing lots of Mom in her now!

Padilla Fam said...

lol. i have a hard time, or maybe i 'm just lazy to put bella back to her crib after her early morning feeding, she ends up sleeping with us too! but that's a bad habit! but she looks so cute with us.

byers babes said...

I swear, this is the cutest baby ever! I am addicted to stalking your blog to see if you've posted new pics of Kristi! Her face is perfectly cherubic. Her face makes me smile and even laugh out loud sometimes. The sleeping pics are adorable, too.

Brandon and Katie said...

I agree with Kali, make her stop growing! She's going to be a little adult by the time I get to see her! Did you get my email?

The Riries said...

Hey guys! I've been a horrible blogger this summer, but I'm so excited to be blog buddies with you! Kristie is the cutest baby ever! And her little swimming suit is probably the most adorable one I have ever seen! Hey, did the Nielsons (your mom's cousin) make it over to your place? They came to the office on Sunday looking for you guys, so we helped them track you down. They were super nice, so I'm hoping they found you. :)