Saturday, November 1, 2008

Kristie's 1st Halloween

I think my most favorite part of the day was when Kristie & I were dancing around to Halloween songs together while waiting for Jason to come home from work. Our favorite one to dance to was the Monster Mash. That song brings back memories from my side of the fam, so it was fun to think about making memories together with Kristie now and the rest of our family in the future. Aw! Kristie is so much fun to play with...while we were dancing around, she'd just look up at me and laugh or smile...LOVE that! After Jason got home, we got ready to go to a Halloween party at a friends house. Trick or treating wasn't on the menu this it'll be fun when Kristie's old enough to go! Looks like Kristie's ladybug days are over. =)

This was getting ready to visit Melaleuca, where I used to work, the day before. They have a day where the employee's kids can come walk through the call center and trick or treat. (She likes to stand on her floor gym now. haha.)

With the HR closest friends I worked with! (Macie, Tayla & Betsy - their theme was Peter Pan.)
At the Hallween party last night! J & I were bug catchers. =) I made bug catcher nets - we couldn't find any cool safari type hats to wear! (Kristie is SO shy when we're in public and around other people all of a sudden. It's wierd!)

Kristie & Daddy - there's his net!

Kristie & Brooklyn. She totally looks like she's punching her. Don't worry, they're good friends. =)

Hooray! (Can't see my cool net. haha.)


Benson Family said...

I LOVE Kristie's costume! How creative are you!

Kali said...

I can't believe she stands on her floor gym now!! Amazing.
And her costume was adorable, of course.

Jenna and Drew said...

She is such a cutie! I love the lady bug costume. You did such a great job!

John and Trina Busch said...

so cute! ok thats it this week we have to do our "making stuff" party when are you free? seriously I am open.