Saturday, November 29, 2008


It wasn't with our families, but it was still fun! We opted not to drive all the way home since we're doing that drive in just a couple weeks when we move (!!!) so we stayed here in Rexburg. We had Thanksgiving dinner with the Hebers! We each made food and man did we have a feast! We were pretty proud of pulling it off by ourselves for the first time. Jenna made the rolls, a casserole, baked beans (by Drew), mashed potatoes and pies. I made the turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce and yams. It was all deee-lish!
Here's some pictures from that day - we really need to work on taking pictures of Jason & I!

Here's our feast of food!

Kristie, eating her feast of rice cereal. =)

Brooklyn doing her cheesy smile!

Kristie posin' on the couch.

Kristie & Brooklyn playing together!

Are these two cute or what?!

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Kali said...

Good job!! Chris and I are going to try to make a turkey for Christmas this year. Did you make the stuffing from scratch, or was it instant? My grandma makes homemade stuffing from scratch and it is deelish!! I need to learn how to do that.