Thursday, November 6, 2008

Julia & Trina came over today with their cute girls Melanie & Hannah. We made bows & leg warmers and ate grapes & strawberries with the best fruit dip in the world. We had SUCH a girly time and I had SO much fun. There are a couple cute pics of Melanie & Kristie below. =) They are just a week apart! We didn't get a picture with Hannah, she was nappin'. Next time for sure!

Tomorrow we are headed off to Utah for Darrin's wedding. That's on Saturday, and Grandpa Frank is having a birthday celebration tomorrow night which will be fun. Can't wait!!!

Here's some pictures from today - not very good lighting, but you can see her cute fuzzy blonde hair! =)

This is what I get to stay home and play with every single day!

This smile just melts my heart. It also comes with cute coos and giggles. Absolute heaven.

With her friend Melanie! (Trina's super cute daughter!)

Kristie was talking to her! It was TOO cute.

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Boons said...

Hey Duce Fam! It's the Boonsripisal Fam. We happend to run across your blog. What a cute family! Kristie is absolutely adorable! I'm sure she is tons of fun. How exciting that you will be coming back to WA next month. It will be fun to see you again! ~Karey P.S.If you send an email we can invite you to our blog.