Saturday, July 4, 2009

Pike Place!

What a day! Mackenzie & I took Will and Kristie to Pike Place Public Market in Seattle today! We skipped afternoon naps so it got a little hairy at one point, but that wasn’t anything food couldn’t solve. =)

I found out Dallin was there with his friends as well, so we met up with them at the Crumpet Shop and they showed us the famous Gum Wall. Haha.

It was such a nice day! Actually, it was toasty HOT outside! We had lunch at this cute little Italian place. It felt so nice to just sit down and eat in an air conditioned space, with good music playing in the background. That was probably my favorite part of the day!

Pike Place was absolutely PACKED with people. My goodness sakes, I’ve never seen it that full. It was like trying to drive in traffic and strollers didn’t make it much easier! But we sure had fun. What an adventure!

Dallin & his lil' group!
Part of the gum wall. This thing was HUGE! Should've gotten a picture of the whole thing. It was actually pretty gross. =)
Post Alley

This was right before we ate lunch...look at those hungry faces!
The best part...picking out flowers!
My sweet pea with the sweet peas! (I think she's worth more than $2.75 though.) 
My humongous bouquet...oh I love it. (Ten dollars!)
Absolutely pooped. Time to go home!
Goodness, I just love all the color.
Having fresh flowers on my table makes me SO happy!

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