Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July!

One of my favorite holidays! Man we had so much fun. I'd have to say this was the most fun 4th 0f July yet! (And I have had a lot of fun 4ths!) We got Subway and ate it at Grand Ave Park in the grass, just the three of us. Weather was perfect again. Gorgeous view of the was heavenly!

After that we went home so little K could take a nap. I made cupcake brownie burgers for our picnic later! They turned out super cute and tasted yummmmmy! Got the idea from Bakerella! We met up with both of our families in Lynnwood for the big firework show. It was AWESOME! It's at Lynnwood High School at this humongous field. There was live music, roaming entertainment (including these AMAZING tap dancers!!), plenty of room, easy I can't believe we hadn't gone there in the past! We usually go to Gasworks park amidst all the craziness, but decided to go low key with Kristie.

It was just such a great night!! I can't even put to words how much I enjoyed every minute of it. Kristie stayed up 'til 10 for the fireworks and passed out for the night in the car on the way home. She did such a great job holding up! =)

"Daddy's Little Firecracker"
Cupcake Brownie Burgers!

Don't worry, it's empty. =)

Kicking back, watching the fireworks.


Katie said...

OMG I want one of those cupcakes!!!! Good job yo

Emily Young said...

Those cupcakes look fantastic!

Shara said...

I know don't the kids grow fast. Also I am so trying those cool cupcakes :)

Bri said...

Great family pictures, you are all adorable. I love your cupcake-brownie burgers! and I love that you love Bakerella. I should have made those. Nice work Candace!