Thursday, July 9, 2009

Petting Zoo!

Since Kristie’s so in love with animals, we took her to the animal farm in Forest Park. It was too fun! Also a plus that’s it’s freewe’re all over that!  She was quite entertained, and even got licked by a cow! What a day. 

Not so entertained by the chickens at first. =)

This sign actually says "DON'T pick up rabbits." Lol. (Isn't that an insanely cute rabbit?!)
She LOVED the rabbits! Kept giggling and talking to them.
Chillin' with the goats.
Baby cow!!
This is right before the cow licked us like crazy! At one point he had Kristie's whole hand in his mouth! Haha, and EW.

Blogging together. Mwahaha.

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