Monday, August 10, 2009

Erin's Welcome Home Party

I was looking for an excuse to make a cake, and Erin (Jason's sister) said "I'm coming home from college, there's a good reason to make a cake!" So I took her up on the offer. She loves anything asian, so of course, we decided on an asian themed cake! (And we thought, why not throw her a welcome home party?!) For the cake, I included cherry blossoms, a kokeshi doll and "welcome home" written in Japanese! I absolutely love how this turned out. For the party we had chinese lanterns hanging from the ceiling and japanese candies to munch on. The whole Duce fam came over and we hung out, played Pit, opened a couple presents and ate cake. So fun!

French vanilla cake with chocolate pudding in the middle. YUMMM.
Panoramic shot, got everyone in! (Click to enlarge, then scroll to the left to see the whole thing.)
Steve and John.
Becca & Erin

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Bri said...

Candace you are the cake queen! Nice work. I feel like I know Erin from somewhere... hmmmm.