Sunday, August 9, 2009

We adore weekends.

Our porch adorned with mini lantern lights! Love it. And notice all the lovely trees surrounding our place...awesome view. 
At Forest Park for Scott's birthday BBQ. (Nice face Kristie.)
Birthday boy, Scott.
Our good friends, the Browers!

She was totally loving climbing/sliding down this thing! Couldn't believe it...she's not much of a daredevil. =)
...'cept she looks like a daredevil here! Woah! (This was not as intense as it looks. lol.)

Playing with the continuous shot on the camera...mwahah....

I forgot how much fun those slider things are! Feels good to act like a kid sometimes. =)
First time WALKING around a playground! 
...this kept her quite entertained while we were grocery shopping...

Police officer Kristie...patrolling the aisles of Albertsons.

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