Sunday, February 27, 2011

Our little house!

Gosh, we are sure counting our blessings. Our friends just happened to move out of this house, in time for us to move in. Our apartment lease was up and they were going to raise our rent to more than we could afford. This house is $200 cheaper and bigger! And a house for heavens sakes! And we are good friends with the renters, who are our neighbors! And my most favorite more climbing up three floors of stairs!!!

Anyway, we moved in last week and have everything unpacked and organized, so we are ready for Joel to come join us! Thank you for waiting 'til we were done moving! =) (BTW, I cannot believe all that moving and packing did not put me into labor. Seriously, no progress? Come on now, I exhausted myself!) We are just loooooooving it. Jason and I are just beaming from ear to ear - we are loving not being in apartment and having a little area to ourselves! We are so lucky and so grateful!

Here's a few pictures from the outside - top left, front of the house. Top middle, lots of trees surrounding us, nice and secluded! Top right, view from the front porch (big front yard to run around in) and a porch swing! Bottom left, back of the house - back porch and back door to the carport. (So fun just getting out of the car and walking right into the house, lol, we love it.) Bottom middle, carport with storage space on the side. Bottom right, front porch.
Pictures from the inside - Top left, entryway w/piano and entrance to the kitchen. Top middle, view into the dining room. Top right, other side of living room, our room, and Kristie & Joel's room. (Soon to be adding a toddler bed!) Bottom left, one of the two bathrooms, this is the one in our room. Bottom middle, living room. Bottom right, the kitchen. (There's also a laundry room that has a door leading out to the carport.)
Again, we could not be more happy with our little abode!!

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Beverly said...

wow amazing it looks like you've lived in the new place for months! you just moved in? you're completely unpacked and moved in and settled. kudos! maybe nesting helps. :)
glad you've got a larger place and I'm jealous of your carport right out side the house! We don't have 3 flights of stairs thankfully. But what I would give to be able to park closer to our house when 3 kids are sleeping and a trunk full of groceries need to be moved.
Hang in there! The waiting game is tough I know. All the more sweeter the first meeting will be. :) good luck! Can't wait to see pics!