Sunday, February 27, 2011

Mom's Piano

Since we've moved back to WA, Dad's been wanting to give me Mom's piano - and we've been living in 3rd floor apartments. So now that we just moved into the little house, we got it!! It was an exciting day for sure! To have such a huge memory of Mom in my own home is such a blessing. She taught me to play on this piano, taught many others piano lessons on it, and filled our home growing up with her beautiful playing. Jason's a better piano player than I am, so it's fun hearing him play on it too. =) And you know Kristie's going to get lessons on it as well. And I'm going to spruce up my piano playing. =) I am the luckiest girl in the world.

Moving it out of Dad's and into ours new place!


dmtnedmonds said...

Your mom taught me piano lessons on that! I have my mom's piano, too, and it is by far one of my most favorite things.

dmtnedmonds said...

By the way, this is Megan (didn't want you to think there was some random person posting on your blog!)