Thursday, February 10, 2011

Can't get enough of you

Really soaking up these last days of it being just Kristie & I before her little brother comes. (Wow, I can't believe she's going to have a little brother!) I can't get over how much she's grown up and how much fun we can have together as girly girls. The other day we got a book in the mail from a friend for Kristie, called "Will you still love me?" So sweet! It's all about a new baby coming to the family - Kristie, I sure won't love you any less! Like it says in the book, I'll love you even more!
This is what she was doing one morning when I came in to get her, on the left of the collage. Just chillin' with blanket on her head. Gosh she cracks me up! (And I still can't get over her adorable feet.)
(I finally painted her fingernails for the first time!! I always figured she wouldn't let me paint them like she does her toes, but she just sat so still and let them dry!) She specifically asked for blue polish on her feet and orange on her hands! Aw, so grown up. =) Sooo fun doing this with her!
Getting ready for Valentine's day! We didn't have any red paint or red glitter, so we made some colored sugar! You just put a cup of sugar in a jar and a bunch of drops of food coloring & shake it together. Easy peasy!
Playin' around with her old car seat before we got rid of it. (It expired in '09.) Look how much you've grown!)
We missed letter day one week, so we did it at home ourselves. J is for jewelry! We tried on all of mommy's jewelry, then glued beads to the letter J. =) (She's so careful with crafts, it's adorable!)
Helping me out one day. Thank you!!
Making good ol' chocolate chip cookies. I always seem to have enough energy to bake! Dinner on the other hand...

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Amanda said...

I remember that! I tried to get enough cuddles and play time in before our second arrived and then I felt horrible sometimes when Mason wanted to play but I was consumed with nursing and healing and sleeping! Now that we are settled in having two kids is SO much fun! It's fun to see your bigger one interact with the baby and it's CRAZY how big they look doing it!! Can't wait to see pics of little Joel!