Thursday, February 10, 2011

NST days

My OB was worried about my blood pressure since it's been up and down, and I had a history of it being high with my pregnancy w/Kristie. So since beginning of January I'd been doing non-stress tests (NSTs) twice a week. Thankfully as of this month we switched it to once a week because they've been perfect and so has my blood pressure. Last month regular OB appts were every other week, and this month they're every week, so Kristie and I feel like we live at the Pavillion for Women & Children where both appts are. The morning valet person knows Kristie & I quite well by now, it's funny. Luckily, NSTs are kinda fun. I sick back & relax in a nice room with a view and get to listen to Joel's heartbeat for a half an hour (and watch my bare belly move around.) Kristie enjoys it as well believe it or not. She brings her little backpack full of stuff to keep her busy and she's just happy as a clam to chill in a chair. And she adores going on the elevator. In fact when we get there, she says "Go to #4?" which is the floor we go to. Haha!

Anyway, everything's looking good and normal. And as far as regular OB appts go, I'm measuring right on at 37 weeks. Can't believe we're in the home stretch now! This Saturday I'll be 2 weeks away from my due date! (The 26th!)

Here we are at one of the NSTs. =)

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