Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Tons of cute pics on Jetty Island!

Monday, the day after the 4th of July, everyone had the day off, so we all (Frank and Duces) went to Jetty Island. (Can I just say how lucky I am that I get to hang out with both sides of the family together?!) We had such a ball. The weather was cloudy when we first got there, but it cleared up and got warmer and warmer! We had lunch, played with kites, walked the sandy beach...such a lovely day!
On the Jetty Island boat. Literally takes like 60 seconds to get over there. lol.

Krissa, Blake & John.
Dave & Janelle.
Holding a dandelion, just happy as a clam. =)

Dave flying his trick kite.
Dev working on something top secret for when Leslie arrived. (She had to work so she got there later.)
Kristie, not too sure about the sand...
Blake's Toy Story kite.

John and Krissa caught a...

Here's Dev's finished product. =)
Dev giving the trick kite a try...

Blake said, "Candace! Take a picture of me!" so I couldn't pass it up. That's rare! =)
AW! Darling...I think she got happier as the sun came out. =)

Dad & Ada hanging out.

Jason and Devin flying both trick kites...isn't it beautiful there? Probably the only sandy beach you'll find in Washington...and it's man-made. haha.
Singing me a song!
She was swaying back and forth. =)
Leslie giving the kite a try.
Jason's turn...
Doing cool turns with it!
Then my turn!

While I was kite flying Kristie passed out in Opa's arms. Aw....
I LOVE my Dad so much...
On top of the Jetty Island boat this time, going home...

SUCH a fun day!!

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