Thursday, July 8, 2010

Date night in Seattle!

Jason got us free tickets to see the Mariners through his work last month so we had a night on the town. =) I drove to Seattle to pick him up from work and from there we headed to Dicks for dinner. It's sure hard to pass up that restaurant when you're in Seattle! Then since Safeco Field is so close to the international district, we parked and walked over to the Panama Hotel since I've been dying to check it out!! The book we read for Book Club a couple months ago was "Hotel on the Corner of Bitter & Sweet" and I absolutely loved it. The Panama hotel was a big part of it. It was just neat to read so much history about Seattle.

Here's a good video about it...

"During World War II the U.S. government forced 120,000 people of Japanese ancestry into internment camps. Many families hastily packed trunks and stored them for safekeeping in the hotel's basement." In 1950 it closed down, leaving all the belongings preserved in the basement. You can see into the basement through a hole cut in the café floor!!

Then it was off to the Mariner's game!

And they WON!! They'd been on a losing streak for a long time, so we got super lucky!

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