Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Ballard Locks!

The week the Bensons were in Seattle, we met up with Allysia and the kids to go to the Ballard Locks. It was so fun! Dev & Les came too. We went when we were kids, so it was so fun to go back. We saw tons of boats go through - the water fills up the canal and goes up and down, so it's really neat to watch. Then you go to the other side to see the fish ladder where the salmon go up and that's really fun to watch as well! Such a fun day!

Belen was waving and yelling "HI!" to everyone and they'd ALL say hi back at the same time, it was hilarious.
See how high up the boat is?

And after the water lowered and it was going through, so cool!
More boats, waiting for the water to go up this time.
Allysia, me and Leslie.

Cute little Camden!

Below the fish ladder, watching the salmon!
Then my camera died, so I couldn't get better pics of the salmon. =)

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