Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Silly Girls Photo Shoot

Two friends of mine started up a photography group called "Silly Girls" in Rexburg. They're both photographers and would get a bunch of girls together just for kicks to do themed shoots. Now that everyone's moved away from Rexburg, they decided to start a global shoot! They designated gals all over the US to participate in hosting a shoot on the same day with the same theme. I got to host one for the Everett, WA area! It was AWESOME. The deciding theme was split, so some did Secret Agents and some did Stripes & Polka Dots. We had such a ball doing Secret Agents! Here's the facebook page with the pictures all the participating groups posted!
Silly Girls United. Kali, Leslie, Kaci, Lexi...thanks for coming! It was sooo fun!

The next shoot is on the 31st and group is now called SHEnanigans. Laura is running it now, so it's taking a new direction. The theme is Movies and Laura assigned everyone a genre - it's top secret so you'll find out when we post the pics! It's going to be GREAT! If you want to have a blast being silly and getting cute pictures of yourself, you should come! Go to the event page for all the info!

Part of the fun is getting ready together before the shoot!

Location: Downtown Snohomish - tooooo many cute spots to take pictures! (Got my reflection in this one. woops...)


Armed and dangerous, on the roof!

The girls actually climbed down the ladder on the side of the building! They were so brave!



Kali brought her moped for us to pose on!!

Disguises. =)

A job well done ladies!


Heidi Pinckard said...


These are so cute!! It looks like a lot of fun! Awww!


Mackenzie said...

FUN! What great photos!

Carrie Marie said...

these are so cute candace! you guys have so much fun! i need to come and visit you so soon!