Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My little rock collector

Not having a car means you need to find things to do around the house - specifically, around the small apartment. =) So we resorted to rock collecting outside, and Kristie LOVED it! It was so cute. She pointed to "big rocks" and "small rocks", gasp every time we'd find a new one, gently put it in her was the cutest thing. So we washed them on the porch...

Even helped rub them off with a washcloth. =)

Watering the flowers.
Her sunflower plant is taller than her!


Conger's said...

So cute! Great idea to do around the house! I know I'm always looking for something to do! (no car here either!)She is getting so big! Where has the time gone?!?

Oakmoss said...

this is so sweet! i love the one of her looking up at her sunflower!

do you sing the "wise man" song while you collect your rocks? we do. and burl calls rocks "wise guys" because he can't say "man" yet. so rocks are called wise guys, because of the song. i love it!!!

Liz Taylor said...

Such a funny girl! I love how she has her own personality, Ian has one but its fun to see her develop it through collecting and caring for her rocks :)