Monday, June 1, 2009

BBQ at the beach!

That night, after taking pictures at the Temple, we headed over to the beach for a BBQ! We met up with Scott, Aileen and their little guy, Brockand Mackenzie, Scott and their little guy, Will! We had such a fun time conversing, eating and laughing at our silly kiddos. Man, we LOVE these summer nights! 

Brock in his chair. this not adorable or what? And, he looks WAY older than just a year old!
This is what they did while we ate at the table. =)
Mackenzie, Scott & Will
K's wearing Jason's sunglasses. =)
Yeah, that's my hot husby.
Scott, Aileen & Brock...and little Carlie on the way!! (Due next month!) Atleast we all think it's a girl...they're waiting to find out what the gender is!

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