Friday, June 12, 2009

Moving Forward

I can’t believe that Kristie is moving out of baby-dom. Yesterday I installed her new “big girl” car seat. It was very bittersweet. I took out her old infant car seat, put the new one inand as we were walking back up to the apartment with the old car seat to put away in storage, I just about cried! Honestly. I had all these flashbacks of carrying her around in that seat when she was tinylike taking her home from the hospital And suddenly, we were moving on and not using it anymore.  You’re probably thinking, “Jeez Candace, get a grip! It’s just a car seat!” It just kinda hit me right then and there that she’s growing up faster than I’d like her to. =)

(The new seat. I just missed her smiles - she really loves it.)
Just a few days old in her infant car seat. =)

And here was another “hit”. I receive emails each week from about how Kristie should be progressing, mommy tips, milestones and whatnot. The subject title always says “Your baby this week.” On her birthday, it said “Your TODDLER this week.” Again, had to hold back tears! WOAH. 

My Toddler This Week

Hello, Candace!

Your baby has hit the 1-year mark: Happy birthday! Many view the first birthday as the toddler turning point. Others consider your baby a toddler as soon as he starts walking — or, as the case may be, taking his first tentative steps. However and whenever he crosses the line into toddlerhood, it's a bittersweet transition — you miss your little baby even as you delight in your amazing child.

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