Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Pool Babe

Kristie and I will take any chance to be outside, with this awesome weather! (Honestly, is it hotter than normal for a Washington June?) Got her this adorable floatie from Albertsons for 5 bucksI think it’s great, but she doesn’t think so yet. Hah! She lasted about 5 minutes in it, then begged me to take her out. =)  We’ll just keep trying it ‘til she likes it! Shades her bald head and frees up my arms!

"Uncle Dallin, are you going to take me out?"

Got this walker toy for 9 bucks at a consignment shop! Thought we'd soak up the sun some more and use it outside!

We had dinner at Uncle Bruce & Aunt Ann's!  

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Julia and Jeff said...

what a cute little girl she is! :) I love that floaty thing! Is Kristie walking?