Monday, June 8, 2009

Kalaloch Weekend

Jason’s Grandpa Karl’s birthday celebration was this weekend at Kalaloch Lodge! He was so kind as to hook us up with a room in their cabin. They are pretty pricey, so that was super nice of them! Otherwise we would’ve been camping, and it was cloudy and a little cold. My heaven’s these cabins have THE view. Just absolutely gorgeous ‘cause it’s right on this huge sandy beach. It was fun to be with all of Jason’s family on his mom’s sidethey are quite the bunch! I absolutely love them. 

                     On the four hour drive...

The fam, plus a few of Carl's friends. 
Everyone had name tags, including Kristie. =)
Kristie with her Great-Grandpa Carl & Great-Grandma Elaine! (Fuzzy picture 'cause Kristie was pretty antsy!)
The view from the cabin we stayed in!

Uncle John cracks her up!

Oh yes, we stopped in Forks. Weeoo! (It was about 40 minutes away from Kalaloch...why not?)
Bella's car. =)
"What the heck is that?" (It was dead, don't worry.)
We found a PLETHORA of skipping rocks! I kept a bunch so we can skip some here in Muk-town. Haha.
Would you look at that background?! My heavens this place was beauuutiful.

She looks so small when she doesn't sit up straight. 

For more pictures, click here!

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