Monday, April 27, 2009

Tulip Fields

These gorgeous fields of tulips are just a half an hour away from us! They were absolutely amazing, and we picked the PERFECT day to go and the PERFECT time to go! We did this last saturday and the weather was spectacular - sunny and warm! We got there around 5:30 so TONS of people were leaving! So it wasn't too crowded and the sun stays up for forever, so we still had tons of daylight. This was of course Kristie's first time, so we were very camera happy. 

A year ago last April, we did this when Jason & I came to WA to visit while I was pregnant. We caught miserable weather! It was raining, cold and muddy! So we REALLY appreciated the completely dry dirt, sun and warmth. YESS! (At the very bottom is a picture from last year!)

This was us last year. Hah! Such a difference!


Heidi Pinckard said...

You guys are so cute! Little Kristy gets more adorable every day! The tulips are beautiful. They are one of my favorite flowers. A few weeks ago Devin bought me a bamboo plant and I love that too. When Leavi passed away I was given a couple of other plants too, but I don't know what they are...and they are dying. I must have a black thumb! They were really pretty when I got them. But the bamboo is doing good!
Anyway, the pictures are great, keep them coming!

Sean and Tami said...

Amazing! I have never been. Thanks for the photos