Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The "Oh Henry" Trip

Kristie, Dad, Ada, Dallin and I drove to Utah to meet our newest nephew, Henry, in Utah. We pulled off a 13 hour drive (turned into 14 or 15) with little K. She was a trooper, I'll just say that. Definitely don't want to do that again anytime soon!

Henry's just the sweetest little baby boy! I'm so glad we were able to go visit him and our family there!! 

Happy go lucky smiler!
Still loves to drive. =)
Two day old Henry! Our first sight of him. What a cutie! I honestly kept thinking over and over again..."Was Kristie seriously this small?!"

The Frank grandkids!
Dustin, Thomas, Ada and Henry

Playing with Uncle Darrin
Man, I love this face.
Borrowing Ada's hat. haha.
What a cutie!
Finally interested in Henry! She wanted nothing to do with him at first. =)

Matching sunglasses with her Aunt Camilla!
Picnic in the park...aw it was lovely!
Us and the kiddos. =)

Darrin after his concert. (He plays in the orchestra that plays with the Mormon Tabernacle choir!!)
Temple Square, Salt Lake City, after watching Darrin perform in "Music And The Spoken Word."

(Almost got my hand down in time! At least I got Kristie looking at the camera. haha.)
Oh man, I love these sandals. They show off her insanely cute little toes. 
Visiting Grandpa Frank! (Her great grandpa.) He was showing us the medal he won the day before at the 5k he ran! Go Grandpa!!

Check out my facebook albums for a zillion more pictures from this trip!


Sarah said...

Rock on, Grandpa Frank. That's more than I've run lately.

Emily Young said...

No joke, how old is Granpa Frank?? I'm trying to improve my mile and a half, maybe he has some advice.

Your Dad has to be soooo overjoyed with all of his children and the cute little grandFranks they've produced. I heart the Frank family!

Candace said...

Woops, I got it wrong - he *walked* the 5k. hehe. Still impressive for an 87 year old!