Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Little Lady In a Pool

Dallin and I took Kristie to a swimming pool for her first time today! It was sooo fun! I had also gotten her a new bathing suit - I think she looks like a little lady in it. So cute! Anyway, she was pretty timid at first. Thank goodness there weren't very many people there or I think she would've freaked out. But the water definitely wasn't as warm as her usual baths, so she had to get used to that first. Then I tried having her float on her back...she did the funny arms-behind-her-head thing that she always does during bath time...totally cracked me up! And that's when she started smiling...probably felt familiar to her. "Oh yeah, I've been in this water stuff before! This is like a big bath tub!" 

Just before we left for the pool.
"Woah Mom...what are we doing??"
Annnd, assume the position. Hah! She's so funny!

If you're wondering why we spend so much time with Dallin, it's 'cause he currently isn't working while he's waiting to go on his mission. BUT he did just get a job and starts later this week, so we're going to miss hanging out with him so much during the day!


Zak and Allysia said...

I love the sittin' back relaxin' position...totally cute! To get the 3 columns on my blog I actually found out how to add the code in the html section of the blog format and cut and pasted from the website that I'd found it on (I don't remember which site i used for the info on how to do that) you could try bloggerbuster.com, they have the info there also. I used free digital scrapbooking papers and photoshop elements 6 (for mac) to create the back ground and header using measurements and info from thecutestblogontheblock.com and other sites like bloggerbuster...just do a google search for how to customize your blog and you can find almost anything! Good luck!!

Kali said...

Her little pose is so funny!!

Sam and Tayla said...

You both look like you had so much fun! I have pictures of the first time I was in a pool and they are still some of my favorite pictures!

The Abbott Family said...

I love it! The chillin out pose cracks me up. I think she's a natural. How fun to have Dallin around. Tell him HI!