Monday, April 6, 2009

Can we do that weekend again?

Man, what an easy-going, fun weekend. We hung out at the Duce's all day Saturday and Sunday watching General Conference, playing games and soaking up some sun in between. (The weather has been SO insanely nice!) Then we had dinner at the Frank's Sunday night and came back to our place and watched "August Rush" eating popcorn, brownies & ice cream. Mmm. Kristie got to see lots of both sets of Grandparents which is SO fun! Goodness, we love family. (All of these pictures were taken on J's phone!)

Dancing with Opa.

Loooves being on shoulders.
Chillin' on the hammock.

Sitting on the new truck bed cover. =)
Driving Blake's car!
Man, this cracked me up.
Uncle/Niece time. =)

Haha, these two are cute.


Mallory said...

The one where she is driving the car makes me think of Maggie on the Simpsons. haha cute.

Rory & Chelsey Eddins said...

I love the photos, they are so cute! She's growing up so fast. :)