Saturday, April 4, 2009

Swing Set & Sunglasses

It was SUCH a nice day outside yesterday (and today!) that we had to spend it outside in the Duce's backyard. Janelle got out the baby swing and Kristie LOVED it! She just instantly starting talking and "wooooh"-ing. Just gave me a permanent smile. And these sunglasses are just killer. (The ones Auntie Kali gave her for Christmas.) She also LOVED having those on! She hated me putting them on, but once they were in place and we were outside, she was like "OH! I can see in the sun! I love this!" It was absolutely adorable

Too cool to smile. She really was though, she sure loved having these on!
Grandma Duce love.

Man, she loved this swing!
Blake & John 

Weeeeee! I love this one. =)
She was smiling so big when Uncle Dallin would push her!
Climbin' up the fort.

I think she looks so dang cute sitting in the shopping cart! (Playing with her new ball.)
Seriously could not get over how stinking cute she looks sitting in this cart. hehe. (And of course, she loved it.)
Sorry it's sideways...tilt your head. 


Mallory said...

wow that picture of her and Dallin--she is so teeny!! You have such a cute daughter. Seriously.

Sam and Ashlee Wilson said...

She cracks me up in her glasses....sooo cute!!!! Looks like she is having fun in the play car. Next time you go to the store put her in the toy car that is hooked up to the cart. She will love it and shopping is much easier :)