Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Pumpkin farm

October 16th, we went to the pumpkin farm with Dev & Les to pick out a pumpkin for Kristie! (Would've gotten some for all of us, but they're kind of expensive for big ones!) We had fun on the tractor ride, roaming in the corn field and picking one out of the patch. So much more to do there than that, but we ran out of time! It was a perfectly sunny day for us to go, which was lucky 'cause most weekends were rainy! This was the day the HP church building burned down and we had been planning to go get pumpkins. So we went to see the church first, and perked up our day by going to the pumpkin farm. It was nice to be happy for awhile. =) (p.s. Had to steal Leslie's camera 'cause I goofed and left the battery charging in the car. And it was a looong walk back to the car, so I didn't bother. haha.)

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