Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Our number 2 will be a boy!!

We found out on September 27th that Kristie will be having a little brother! Jason had the day off from work so he was able to go to the ultrasound as well and it was just, amazing. Got to see him wiggle around and even pucker his lips like he was sucking on something! At one point he had his arm resting on his knee, like he was just chillin. =) It was adorable. It took a bit for it to sink in that I was going to have a BOY. I had my hopes set on another girl, cause let's face it...two girls would be sooo much fun! But I'm in love with the idea of having a boy too. =) I can't wait to see what he looks like! Joel will be such a joy to add to our family!

Goodness, isn't he a cutie?
The "boy" shot. =)

Little feet!


A little Birdie... said...

Congrats you guys! So happy for you! Boys are seriously so fun!

Cecily said...

Congratulations on a boy, Candace!!!!

Mackenzie said...

I am so happy for your family! A little boy will bring lots of fun to your family!

Heidi Pinckard said...


I am so excited for you guys! Boys are so much fun!! Get ready for some crazy adventures! :)