Wednesday, November 10, 2010

How lucky am I?

Kristie is just too cute for words and I can't say enough how much love I have for her. She is so entertaining and her laugh is to die for! One of my favorite things about her is her singing. She's picked up memorizing and singing a lot of songs, and it just makes me melt! My favorites (that she sings all the way through, and in pitch for the most part!) are the original Winnie the Pooh song and I Am a Child of God. Oooh man, I can't wait to get those two songs on video, you will just die. I am constantly amazed at how much her little brain soaks up every day and how much she is constantly changing and growing. I am so blessed!!

One of my absolute favorites of her. (Her Aunt Anna made this hat!)
Reading up on some of mommy's books. She'll dump out her blocks, and pull up the container to sit on as a chair and read. haha.
Trying out a new pair of shoes ($2.99 at a consignment shop btw.)

Pro at opening the fridge and getting her milk for herself. (Thank goodness only her milk!)
Taking care of her baby. =) =)
I had never seen her do this before, putting her hands in her pockets, haha!
A halloween outfit from Katie's mom, so cute! She looked so grown up with this headband on. =)

Looooves to wear her boots.

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Mackenzie said...

You are lucky! She is adorable and boy does she wear those boots well! I love the fun things kids do!