Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Halloween 2010

Better late than never right? Gotta have this on the blog, so here it is. =) Halloween was a ball this year! We were house/kid sitting at the Duces for the week before, so we carved pumpkins there. Kristie took one look at the guts inside the pumpkin and said "Ew, gross." Then walked away and wouldn't come back! haha. Maybe next year she'll get into pumpkin carving. haha.

Dev & Leslie had a Halloween party which was a blast! It was them, us, the Hatches, Becky, the Shurtz and the Browers. We looove our friends! For part of it we carved pumpkins, so we did Jason's there.

These were all the finished products. =)
Day before Halloween was the trunk or treat at church, so we all got dressed up as Seahawks (which is truly dressing up for us, 'cause we aren't the biggest sports fans. teehee...) Kristie was a little confused as to why we were going around to the back of peoples cars in the the parking lot, in the dark, asking for candy. =) But she sure LOVED the huge bucket of candy she came home with. That night we also went to the Sorenson's for their annual Halloween party which was also a blast.

These were our family pumpkins - mine was the stork, Jason's was the scary one in the back, Kristie's was Winnie the Pooh and Joel's was Mickey Mouse. =)

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