Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Whistler Trip!

Oh my goodness, what an amazing four days. My dad has a timeshare here so we go every other year. I just love it there. I couldn't go last time 'cause we were living in Rexburg, so it's been 4 years so I've been! And that was a month before Jason and I got married. So this time, I came back with a husband and a kid. =) There are just SO many memories there, so it was weird not having Dallin & Devin there too. But Dad, Ada, Jason & Kristie and I had an amazing time. This year we split it so we could go up in the Fall & Winter. Once this last week for 3 nights, and once more next month when it'll be covered in snow for 4 nights. Can't wait to get back there!! 

These are just a few of my favorites - there are TOO many good ones to post, so go here for the rest!  Whistler 2009

This was our first time in the Fall, it was just breathtaking!!

Rainbow Lake - the most beautiful park I've ever been to!

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