Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Case of the sillies

 Today we were kinda hanging out in little K's room, and I found her gloves and hat from last year! Now last year, she couldn't fit into these gloves 'cause they were too big, so I'm so pumped for her to wear them...and she LOVES them! I thought she'd hate them, but I was wrong. She kept them on for a good half hour, still thumbing through books a playing with toys. Totally cracked me up! And she normally doesn't keep a single thing on her head nowadays, so I was shocked when she kept her hat on that whole time too! She must've known that it went with the ensemble. =) 

Sunday, she found two toilet paper rolls, and somehow managed to get both of them on her arms by herself! Jason and I were laughing so hard, it was so cute! As Kali said on facebook, maybe she'd rather be a robot for x-mas?


Padilla Fam said...

little k is so cute I just want to squish her! that's awesome that you found those winter stuff for cheap! bella has that same blue vest from old navy! check out what great deals i found! you are amazing at cake decor.

Kali said...

Robots wear tutus, right? ;)