Monday, October 12, 2009


I swear she's changing and growing up every's crazy! You think the kiddo is exciting, and then the next day they do something new! Kristie likes to pretend to talk on the phone. So cute. She'll put it up to her ear and say "Hi!" She's finally got a new word under her belt..."Uh oh!"She caught that one probably 'cause I say it so much lately...she's getting into everything all of a sudden (darn!) and "displays" things all over the apartment. Lovely. So child locks are almost done being installed. BUT with all this mess, she's learned to put things away! She'll help grab toys and put them in their baskets! It's soooo adorable, and so helpful. =) I've mentioned this already, but she points to her nose and her belly button. We're working on the rest. As of today, she's finally learned to steer!! With her walker or any toy the involves pushing around, if she runs into something and gets stuck, she could never steer it into the right direction...all of a sudden she got it! Yay! She's saying "duck" a lot lately, but I'm not sure if she knows what it means yet. haha. Also, I said this in the Whistler post, but she's becoming more independent - if we're out, she just loves to walk everywhere. She wants to explore and walk herself rather than be pushed in a cart or a stroller. On the other hand, she gets verrrry clingy. At home and out & about. Sometimes frustrating, but makes me happy 'cause it reminds me that she loves me. =) One of her new favorite games is to play on our bed. She'll run around, carefully staying away from the edges, put her hands in the air, throw herself backwards and laugh as she lands. It's sooo fun! Also...the chica is obsessed with books!! She can't get enough of them. We have to have some wherever we go. At night when we read a couple books before bed, she'll keep reaching for more while we're sitting in the rocking chair...just doesn't want me to stop reading! (Oh and she likes to pick out which books she wants to Also LOVES to give us kisses! She'll close her eyes, lean in and pucker her lips. Sometimes even include an "mmm ma!" Oh it just melts my heart. Simply amazing...every single little stage is so much fun! I looooove this little girl!!!

Pushing a "Customer In Training" cart at Trader Joes. Man this was so cute I almost cried. And everyone in the store kept giggling and smiling at her.
Playing in a house at a cute little consignment shop that just opened up nearby.
We think she'd be cute in the driver seat of this car. =)
Us on the way home from Whistler. I found a comfy spot on her car seat and she apparently fell asleep just after me. 
"Oooh, pretty car!" Man, this even has a working radio and speakers! Hilarious. 

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She is adorable :)