Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Snoqualmie Falls

We spent a gorgeous Memorial Day in Snoqualmie Falls with Jason’s family! We first made a stop at the Northwest Railway Museum where we climbed all over trains and then boarded one with antique coaches that took us through Snoqualmie and past the Falls. It was so relaxing and fun! The car we were in was built in 1912! The town is super cute and the surroundings were absolutely gorgeous. After that we stopped at Snoqualmie Falls! We also did the 0.5 mile hike down to the bottom. I got such a good work out I had Kristie in the front carrier the whole time! Phew!

Later that night it was Becca’s birthday party. I made her the requested bunny cake and it turned out pretty cute! Blake cracked us all up when it came time for her to blow out the candles, he popped up and blew them out before she got the chance! Haha. Overall, an awesome day!

Erin climbin' up.
Erin, John & Becca
Dave & Blake
Blake's "Cheese!" face. =) He's the one with the train obsession!

Aboard her first train!

Our conductor punching the tickets!

Making funny faces at Grandpa. 

Checking out the scenery!

This is the train we rode in! 
Snoqualmie Falls

At the bottom of the Falls.

Becca's birthday cake! Sorry, it's a crappy, blurred picture. 
This was right after Blake blew out her candles. Lol.

      Here’s a video of the day!


emilie s. d. p. said...

That was hilarious when Blake blew out the candles on Becca's cake. He cracks me up!

Mallory said...

You know, I don't think I have ever gone up there. Isn't that crazy? It sure looks like it was a ton of fun though. Especially the cake part. haha

Conger's said...

Such a cute video! Oh man I love Snoqualmie falls! I haven't been there in so long. Looks like you had a really great day. That train ride looks so fun- and there was nice weather for you!

Laura said...

I've been to Snoqualmie Falls once and died on that trek back up the hill! I had no idea about the trains though. That sounds and looks like so much fun!

Candace, you should make a summer list or a live list as Megan R calls hers. I want to see what you have planned for this summer - so I can steal ideas from you ;)

As soon as I'm off of the no bending-no lifting-no twisting-blah blah regime I'm on because of my back we need to hang out with you guys and Scott and Leen.