Monday, May 18, 2009

Church Friend, Sunshine & Grass

Kristie was so funny at church yesterday...she noticed the cute little chica sitting in front of she crawled up to her, stood up behind the bench and baby talked to her. SO cute. Then her daddy came back and put her with Kristie so they could play. Oh I love it. (Took these two pics on J's phone...)

Then went to Dad & Ada's for dinner...the sunshine was WONDERFUL! It's so great being outside without coats on again. Hooray! Kristie played in the grass for the first time and loved it. She then went to practicing walking...not by herself yet, but we're getting there. She just was so giggly and happy though! Makes me giggly and happy. =)

I love how they have the same grin on their face.

Having SO much fun!

We forgot to bring her bumbo for a she ate dinner in her stroller. Mwahaha.
Reading a spanish baby book with Abue!

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Conger's said...

I love it when my girls play with the other kids at church! The first picture makes me smile!