Monday, May 18, 2009

Her Own Meal!

My baby's all grown up...she got her own meal at the restaurant we ate at a couple weeks ago!! (I couldn't find this picture...took it on J's it's taken forever to post it!) It really was trippy. They offered us a kids menu and just for kicks, I was like "Sure!" Then I noticed she could eat like everything on there! What?! So we got her the grilled cheese sandwich meal...came with grilled cheese sandwiches, applesauce, carrots, fries and teddy grahams! I of course cut up the sandwich and fries, but my heavens, it was was a milestone! 


Mallory said...

And so how much did she actually end up eating? haha I think I'd be full with all that amount of food. haha

Candace said...

She just did a few fries, over half of the sandwich, all the applesauce and all the teddy grahams. haha. (The carrots weren't cooked, so too hard for her to eat.)