Sunday, July 20, 2008

Blessing Day

Today Kristie recieved her baby blessing at church. It was absolutely wonderful. Dad, Ada, Dustin, Darrin & Dallin were all able to make it out here for it, which was soooo great of them! They came into town yesterday so we've been able to spend some time with them. This was Darrin and Dallin's first time meeting Kristie and our first time seeing Darrin since he got back from his mission in Hawaii this month! So it was a good time, for sure! The blessing went beautifully. I can't ask for a better husband and a better daughter. And I'm so grateful to have the gospel in our lives.

Yesterday before the family came.

Meeting Uncle Dallin for the first time!

All smiles for Uncle Darrin! (She was for everyone!! It was absolutely adorable!)

With her Abue!

In her blessing dress today.

We took pictures at the Rexburg temple afterwards.

With Uncle Dustin today.

Abue singing in Spanish to Kristie!


John and Trina Busch said...

oh how fun and special!! Blessing day was such a spiritual and humbling experience for me! I have to say I love your picture with her doing sign language! so cute!

Julia and Jeff said...

Where did you get her blessing dress? It is beautiful!

Benson Family said...

What beautiful pictures!

Kali said...

The first pic is my absolute favorite. Love it!