Saturday, July 26, 2008

Adventures In Blow-Outs

Kristie had a blow-out today. Instead of being annoyed, I laughed my head off. Here's what happened...

Kristie was doing some tummy time on her little play mat. After awhile she got a little fussy. So I turned her over and was confused because my hand got wet . To my surprise, her stomach was covered in runny poo. I said "Oh no, Kristie!! What happened?" Instead of crying like she normally would if she was really poopy, she started smiling like crazy! It was hilarious! I can't even begin to describe how cute it was. It was almost like she was saying "Haha Mommy, look what I was hiding!" It made me laugh so hard. So I gave her a bath and she continued to be in a crazy happy mood! She kept "talking" and smiling at me as I dried her in the towel and changed her. What a fun afternoon. =)

(Yuck huh?!) What a silly goose.

More than happy to take a bath!

All smiles in her towel. =)

Here she is making happy sounds while I was drying her off. What a cutie!!


Char said...

Oh my goodness! Colton hasn't had any blow-outs even close to that bad although we have had a few. I love how talk-active they are getting! I don't think Colton talks quite as much as Kristie but we are working on it. Hooray for babies!

Benson Family said...

Ha! Ha! Little stinkers aren't they!??

byers babes said...

Holy Crap (literally)!! I remember those blow out days. That's when you just cut the onesie off of her. What a cutie!! She even smiled through it all. What a trooper!