Saturday, July 5, 2008

Best 4th of July Ever!

We had such a blast yesterday for the 4th! It's even more fun when you have a little baby - we were a little family celebrating together and it was just awesome! We first met up with 3 other couples to watch the parade here in Rexburg. We found awesome spots at the park, not on the curb, but in the shade. (It was super hot, but just about right in the shade.) It was so fun being outside, with tons of people out, a little festival set up in the park, walking around and enjoying ourselves with our friends. Later we went to see "Wall-E", that new pixar movie. This was our first time taking Kristie to a movie and she did great!! She drank an entire bottle and slept for the rest of the movie. Hooray! Then we got dinner at Subway and headed to Idaho Falls for the big firework show! Oh man, fireworks still make me feel like a little kid. We met up with another couple who invited us over to their relatives house. Their relatives just live a few blocks from the park with an awesome view of the fireworks. So we met up there, parked the car & walked to the park and found awesome spots. It was absolutely perfect! Kristie was hilarious...when the fireworks started she was awake and just insanely wide eyed. Half the time she was staring directly at them like she knew what was going on and half the time she was staring directly at me, like she was saying "Mommy, I'm scared..." I can't even begin to describe how cute it was. Then after the fireworks we headed back to Jill & Jed's grandparents house where her relatives were having smores and rootbeer floats outside. They invited us to stay, which was so sweet, and join them so we could wait for the traffic to simmer down. Then we headed home. It was suuuuuch a wonderful day!!! I love the 4th of July.

At the parade!

Kristie & I with Aileen & her son Brock.

Brock & Kristie showing off their fun outfits. They're betrothed to be married. =)
(Brock is 6 weeks older than Kristie.)

Brock & Kristie


Kristie during the fireworks. (Not a great vid, but you can kind of see what she looked like during the show.)


Kali said...

OMG didn't you LOVE Wall-E? Chris and I saw it twice this weekend, haha.

Conger's said...

Looks like you had a great 4th of July! I'm so glad things are still going great for you! :)

Ryan and Cecily said...

I love the 4th of July! We went and saw Wall-E this past weekend too and I thought it was so cute. I loved it!

Sam & Tayla said...

You are such a cute family! I loved Kristie's outfit!

Linzi said...

Hey! Remember me from UV? I found your blog and was so excited to hear that you had a little girl! She is so beautiful.