Sunday, June 29, 2008

First Day To Church

Today we finally braved it and went to church! Kristie wore her first dress and looked absolutely adorable so we just had to take pictures. She did marvelous the whole 3 hour block! Everyone in our ward was super excited to see Kristie for the first time. I think the most exciting thing was using the mother's lounge for the first time. =) The one here is gigantic! It has twelve comfy chairs that rock. Twelve! I just remember the teeny tiny mother's lounge back home in the Harbour Pointe building that has two chairs and is just sooo small compared to this. Pretty funny. Here's some pictures of our momentous day!

Big yawn!

First time wearing a dress!! This one is from Devin & Leslie.

It was very hot & sunny when we were taking this picture. haha.

Oh we just love her to death.


Michelle said...

You're right! We were so excited to see Kristie!!! :) You guys are such cute parents! pros!

Ryan and Cecily said...

Kristie is adorable in this cute little blue dress!! I also can't believe there are 12 chairs in the mother's lounge! That is HUGE!

Cory, Heather and Isaac said...

Love the polka dot dress! Oh she is just too cute!

Cory, Heather and Isaac said...

P.S. We got our pictures done by my good friend Carly. She does SUCH a great job and doesn't cost a lot. Check her out at or

Julia and Jeff said...

Your little girl is adorable! :) Glad to see things are going great!

~Aimee~ said...

Goodness she's SO SO adorable!! I can't say it enough. She's just gorgeous. That's too funny about the mothers room. I know EXACTLY what you mean about the HP Bldg, because that's where I go. Once we had four or five mamas in there, two in chairs, the rest on the floor! ;-)