Friday, June 20, 2008

Jewelry Night & A Floor Gym!

Last night Kristie and I got together with Betsy and Tayla (good friends from work) to make baby bracelets! I've always wanted to get them for her - I saw them at a store, and these teeny tiny things cost $6 each! I thought that was crazy, so we got together and made some ourselves. Kristie is one stylish chica with these on! She looks so grown up to me when she wears them. =)

Our finished product! Who needs the store bought ones?!

Here she is wearing one of them, not pictured above.

And day before yesterday, we recieved a fun present in the mail from Uncle Mike & Uncle Geoff! An awesome floor gym! This is the nicest one I've seen yet - it has buttons that play music, a mirror, a squeaky toy in the mat, crinkle sounds, rattles in all the hanging toys and lights that light up when the music plays! Kristie's not quite into it yet...we put her in it and she got overwhelmed and started crying after a little bit. =) Such a fun gift though!

And here's another video, just for kicks. (I took it vertically and can't get it to rotate, so you'll have to tilt your head!)


Emily said...

She's Just. So. Cute.

Ryan and Cecily said...

Candace!!! How are you doing?? Congratulations on having a beautiful little girl! Kristie is beautiful! You look so good for just having a baby (when you're giving Kristie her first bath) and I love all the pictures you have posted here. I am so happy to have contact with you again and it looks like life is treating you really well!

Laura said...

If we ever have a daughter she'll wear cute little bracelets like those. I think they're adorable - and it helps to have the adorable babe to go with it.