Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Kristie Kay Duce

This has taken forever to post, sorry!!

Kristie Kay Duce was born Thursday, June 5th at 2:56 pm. She was 7 lbs 13 oz and 21 inches long. Labor was about 12 hours long and pretty smooth!! (Thank you epidural!) We had a scare for hours and hours when I wasn't dilating past a 5, but suddenly gears kicked in...I dilated the rest of the way super fast and only pushed for about 40 minutes. It was an amazing experience. We were able to go home from the hospital the next day, which was great. The whole weekend was filled with lots of family and friends visiting, and Janelle (Jason's mom) is still here helping out until tomorrow. She has been such a wonderful help! Kristie has been absolutely amazing. She is one of those super calm & content babies. We just love her to's hard to explain all the emotions and feelings you have toward this little girl. We would do anything for her and can't imagine how we lived without her before.

First photo!

First family photo

Love her eyes!

Opa & Abuela (aka Abue)

"Unkie Dev"

After feeding her. She's such a snuggle bug!

She loves it when Jason holds her like this.

Home from the hospital

Grandpa & Grandma Duce (first grandchild!)

Playin' with Unkie Dev

Aunt Camilla, Uncle Dustin & cousin Thomas

Thomas giving kisses!

She has the cutest feeties! Oh I love them.

She loves napping in her boppy.

Ready to go shopping with Grandma Duce & Mommy.

First bath at home!

So fresh and so clean...

She was so alert, awake & happy after her bath! Usually she's quite the napper during the day, so we were sooo excited just to have her eyes open for so long. Haha.
Love being a mommy!

Here's a link for the full album of pictures.

And last but not least, a video of her just chillin' today.


Laura said...

You look so dang skinny already! Please donate some of your fast metabolism, skinny-forever genes to me!!!!!!!!

Kristie is so adorable! :) I hope you take lots of pictures because I check this every day. Her sneezes were adorable. More videos! :)

Emily said...

Candace, I'm so happy for you! I loooove alllll the pictures of your little baby girl! And Laura's right, DANG you got skinny fast! And only forty minutes of pushing? WOW!

Jenna and Drew said...

She is so adorable! I love all the pics. You have to get a video of her little girl scream! It's the cutest!

Conger's said...

Oh man this makes me want my girls now... but they aren't done cooking yet ;) Kridtie is super cute and I am so happy for you!!

Kali said...

Yay for Kristie!

Janelle totally does not look old enough to be a grandma. She looks so good for her age!

I love the video. Post more asap!!

Laura said...

By the way, my mom says she's coming to Idaho and shoving Twinkies down your throat "until we see the results." Haha. She thought Kristie was very cute, too, and says she looks just like you! It's the eyes, she says. :)

Hope you're having fun at home!

Padilla Fam said...

oh my gosh candance! you're baby is so adorable and so tiny! i can't believe that mine was once that small. they grow so fast-cherish those cuddly moments cause they grow so fast and all they want to do is crawl, explore, etc and arent' so much cuddly. take lots of pictures-they change so much. well congratulations! thanks for sharing pictures!

The Cat Family said...

How Fun! I came by to visit another new mom in the hospital on friday, I would have come visited had I known. It was no surprise how smoothly your labor went after so many hours of watching "Baby Story." Rourke has decided to start teething so he is a bit grumpy at the moment, but he is still cute. Enjoy her naps while you can! Congrats!

byers babes said...

OH MY SWEETNESS!!! I cannot stop smiling and semi-crying looking at these pics. She is absolutely beautiful! She looks completely perfect. Glad to see that you guys are doing okay.

~Aimee~ said...

Hooray Hooray Hooray!! Wow, sounds like things went really really well for you guys!! Yippee! I hope you are doing well and settling in nicely to motherhood. Good luck with it all!! You just glow with love and joy. I TOTALLY get what you said about how you can't imagine your life before her. :-) Congratulations again. She is SO gorgeous; though who could be surprised at that, with you for a Mama! :-) *hugs*

Pilgrim Family said...

Congratulations!! she is beautiful, it is nice that she has been such a good baby for you guys. it makes life a lot easier when you have a happy baby!!!

Megan Marie said...

You are beautiful! Your hospital photos are great! How wonderful!