Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tulip Fields

Took the trip to the tulip fields that I look forward to EVERY year! Unfortunately, we made it a little too late and most of the fields were cut already! BUT the Roozengaarde was still open, and it happened to have a full field of tulips behind it. THANK GOODNESS!! You have to pay $4 to get in (all the other fields that were cut are free) but I wasn't going to let that stop us from seeing the most beautiful flowers on the planet. =) It was a little crazy, but it worked out in the end.

First we found out most of the flowers were cut, so we decided to go to our favorite ice cream shop that makes the most amazing homemade waffle cones only to find out they only take cash. And none of us had cash. (I swear, we do this every year. lol.) So we found out the Roozengaarde still had tulips so we headed over there, hoping to get cash back for the ice cream. We enjoyed the tulips and headed over to get our amazing ice cream...only to find it was CLOSED. Aw! So we got some elsewhere, oh well. =) Still so glad we got to go!

Blake and John came with so we took the Duces Yukon - Kristie had SO much fun driving up with Blake in the car!

Playing peek-a-boo.

Fabio Tulips - haha.
Queen of the Night Tulips - gorgeous!

Matching boots. =)
They are about 3 sizes too big for her, but I couldn't pass them up. =)

Three cute brothers and a little lady.

Yay cheesy smile!! She just kills me.

Kristie fell in a mud puddle so we had to shed her pants and cover her up with my coat. That was the end of running around the tulips. =)


Laura said...

DANG IT!!!! I've never been up there and tulips are my favorite flower. Chris and I were thinking of going, but unfortunately I've been working the past 4 weekends at that stupid play and will be working there again this weekend (last one, thank goodness) so I will miss it. :( But I'm glad you went. Send some beautiful tulip vibes my way, please.

Heidi Pinckard said...

Absolutely gorgeous! I agree, tulips are the most amazing flower in the world!