Monday, April 5, 2010

Lovely, Lovely Easter

Wow, what a great Easter weekend! We did Saturday with the Franks and Sunday with the Duces, so we got to be with both fams. Love, love, love it. It was also General Conference weekend so that was perfect! It felt like all of General Conference was for me - a lot of the talks were directed toward our children and bringing them up in the ways of the gospel...exactly what I needed to hear. Some days I feel like I have no idea what I'm doing. I'm so grateful that we have a prophet and apostles who receive revelation for us from our Heavenly Father. It was an amazing conference weekend. Plus, it was a constant reminder of the real reason for Easter.

Saturday we woke up and watched the 1st session of conference together. Then Dad, Ada, Devin & Leslie came over so we could dye eggs and watch the 2nd session of conference together. Ada cooked a delicious Easter dinner. Then the boys left for Priesthood session while us gals chilled together. Then when they got back we had an egg hunt! Such a good day!

Sunday morning we woke up and did Easter with just the three of us. Kristie got a basket full of candy and a bunny snow globe. (She LOVES snow globes. haha.) Jason and I share a huge bowl of candy together. And we made sure to go out of our way to get Cadbury eggs, 'cause it's not Easter without those. YUM! We watched the 1st session of sunday morning conference and then got ready and headed over to the Duce's house for the rest of the day. We watched the 2nd session together and had an early dinner after. Janelle makes a mean Easter dinner as well. =) Then the easter bunny came and we had an egg hunt! For the rest of the night we chilled and played Settlers of Catan.

I looooove spending so much time with our families. And I loved seeing Kristie so into the eggs this year - holidays are getting more and more fun!

She worked really hard to put stickers on her egg! And then take them off all off. Haha.

I made some chocolate covered oreos. =)

I couldn't get over how awesome this was!! I had never done it before.

Then Dev did it to his fingers. Mwahaha.


Kristie wanted to show Opa & Abue her Easter outfit. =)

I was setting up the camera for self timer mode, and Kristie kept hopping in front of it. haha.

Kristie's basket.
Trying out the candy...only took a second. =)

Me and Jason's Easter "basket"
Blocking our view of General Conference. We were watching it on the lap top, so she hopped on the table and played with her toys.
Jason made her an egg necklace!

Becca has a bunny, Bun-Bun, that Kristie is in love with. She called him "Soft." Haha!

I caught John, the Easter bunny, doing his thing...

Mini angel food cake for dessert.

Blake said he saw the Easter bunny outside. =)
They found Easter baskets on the doorstep!


Bri said...

okay Kristie is adorable and John the easter bunny is awesomely amazing. Tell him he can hide eggs at our house what great action shots!

Pilgrim Family said...

Your pictures are AMAZING! looks like you guys had a great holiday! Kristy is beautiful!